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The idea for Find My Yoga came about when I was travelling to Surprise, Arizona. I was meant to be there for a week of R&R  and thought that I should check into a few studios while I was down there. So I went Google-ing and there was a LOT of information on yoga studios in Surprise Arizona and surrounding areas. However even after digging through all this information I couldn’t figure out which studio I wanted to spend my money on.

It can sometimes be a challenge to get the information you need from a yoga studio website. For instance, what style of yoga is taught? How are the teachers? Is it super spiritual or more anatomical? Typically you  would find this out via word of mouth or a referral from a friend. But if you’re travelling or don’t know a tonne of yogi’s around you may have to rely on the information available online.

Find My Yoga aims to be a your referral source.  We want to provide readers with our reviews on studios that we get to visit in our travels. Each post will outline:

  • Where the studio is.
  • Is the studio heated or not? (That can be the deciding factor right there).
  • Who the instructors are and their teaching style.
  • The style of yoga.
  • The price and value.
  • The experience.

Want to learn more about who posts on Find My Yoga? Check out our contributors page.

If you have anything to add to our reviews please do so in the comments section. If you’d like to see a studio added please contact us and we’ll do our best to get it on the site.

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