All of our contributors are dedicated yoga practitioners and spend a great deal of time in different studios in North America.

Check out our bios below to find out more about us, our perspective and what kind of yoga we practice.

Sandy Bassett

I want to start by simply saying thank you for reading our blog. It’s been a project at the back of my mind for about a year now and it’s nice to see it get going.

I have been “seriously” practicing yoga for almost 4 years, meaning I go about 2-3 times per week to one studio or another. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I like to spend my free time traveling around this planet (or as much as my resources allow me to). When I do travel I enjoy checking out new studios and hope to communicate to you guys what I learned in the process.

My “style” of yoga can be characterized by a few key words: anatomical, foundation, avoiding warrior poses and arm balances. My favorite teachers are: Jeff Mah, Tiffany Cruickshank and Kathryn Budig. If you are familiar with any of these teachers you’ll know that I like to get my heart pumping and flow through Asana’s.

I have been known to be a bit sarcastic from time-to-time.

Laura Halvorsen

I am a yoga student and teacher living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  About 8 years ago I came to yoga looking for a way to improve my strength and flexibility for a snowboarding season in New Zealand.  Little did I know that the practice would become an instrumental part of my life.  Yoga is now the foundation for all things that I value – my personal relationships, singing and songwriting, my day job at an airline, and all the physical activities I enjoy outdoors.

Having completed my teacher training in the Iyengar style of yoga I love classes that focus on critical alignment, particularly those that explore movement in fun and creative ways.  Much like Sandy, FMY’s creator/Mom, my favourite classes are lead by down-to-earth instructors who safely challenge us to try something new and have a laugh while doing it.

I am extremely excited to contribute to Find My Yoga.  Because I can travel pretty cheaply (perks of working for an airline) and love trying different classes, I hope to bring you many insightful accounts of my experiences at studios across North America and of course right here in the Calgary area.

Katie Mikalson

Salutations friends. I am a community enthusiast, yoga nerd and passionate asana teacher here in Calgary, AB. I am stoked with pleasure to be contributing to Find My Yoga, in my personal life people are regularly asking me about teachers, studios and styles of yoga. Now there is a place online where we can all go to learn about the vast community the surrounds us in Calgary and beyond.

My personal yoga practice has extended over a decade of breathing, moving and trying to quiet the never-ending inner dialog. I started with a standard sequenced hot yoga and have transitioned through stages of a slower hatha, alignment focused iyengar, powerful vinyasa flow and meditative yin practices. Having trained with Gaiatri Yoga and Beyond, I have a strong foundation in the Universal Principle of Alignment from the Anusara tradition and am drawn to teachers who skillfully weave theme, alignment and clear cueing.

All yoga has value; each teacher, style and posture is a different tool in the kit of life. Forever and always I will trust in the yoga and let it do its work, as l put in the effort. Awesomeness & Gratitude.

Jessica Belyk

I came to yoga about seven years ago to complement my active lifestyle, I wanted to be able to touch my toes again! Since that day I’ve never stopped, started teaching, and continue to delve deeper into the practice exploring everything from meditation, subtle body work, acro fun, and the strength side of yoga that balances that much desired flexibility (it’s so much more than that!).

In my own practice and teaching, I love to play! Life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time and I believe that should reflect in your practice. I am drawn to adventurous and playful vinyasa styles showcasing creativity and exploration with an alignment focused foundation. I’m drawn towards a teacher who can laugh and create a safe, fun environment. I have also found much needed balance in my practice (and life!) with meditative yin-style practices that interweave subtle energy work.

I am so grateful and excited to become a part of Find My Yoga and be able to help others find a yoga practice that ultimately fits them, their style and what they need from their time on their mat!