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Yogalife South is located in the South Edmonton Common area and have classes throughout  the day starting from 6:00 AM to 9:30PM. The studio is warm and tranquil, yet full of life and can be quite busy during peak times.

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Yoga Santosha

Yoga Santosha is in the heart of the Mission district in Calgary and offers a variety of yoga styles in a gorgeous studio environment. I’ve been to a few classes at Santosha, most recently a Hot Yin/Restorative class.  

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Moksha Yoga Edmonton

Moksha Yoga Edmonton was the second studio on my Edmonton studio tour and definitely mixed things up a fair bit in comparison to Noorish. I was very strongly encouraged to check Moksha Yoga Edmonton by a friend of mine who

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Hot Shop

** Editors note. The Hot Yoga Lounge has changed their name to Hot Shop. Edits have been made below to reflect this change** I just want to caveat this post with the fact that before I went to Hot Shop

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